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On the weekend I went to Daiso, a Japanese store known for its high-quality and cheap household items. Nearly all the items in the store are $2. You might think these products are of dollar store quality, meaning crappy, but that’s not the case. You’d be surprised at what $2 can get you.

Because of the price, I bought a whole bunch of items I didn’t really need. I bought a USB cable for my phone just in case the five I already have weren’t enough. I also got a flashlight that you can power by hand, which seems like a good idea for emergencies. The most interesting item I purchased is what you see above. For some reason, they sell these tiny, mini-vises. That’s a poker chip in the photo for size reference. I have no current use for a small vise but I decided I wanted one. Perhaps I’ll find a use some day.

3 thoughts on “MINI-VISE”

  1. Depending on how precise the jaws close together, that vise could be good for model builders like myself.

  2. I too have a collection of mini-vises from Daiso. They are very helpful when fixing small princess, pony and mermaid toys! I am sure you must find that as well.

  3. @Edwin: It seems like it would be helpful for model builders but the mechanism for securing the vise to a flat surface is dodgy at best. It relies on a weak suction system that I would only use for light items.

    @Dave: I didn’t realize you were the toy handyman in your household. I guess these might be of use when I fix my Gobots.

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