As I mentioned in my previous post I’m in no hurry to get my next job. I’m thankful for the time off but I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with that time. In previous times like this, I always wound sleeping in late and playing video games until the wee hours. I found that to be extremely relaxing and a great way to recharge my batteries but this time around I feel like I should be more productive with my time. That’s not to say I won’t be sleeping in and playing video games though, as I’m already enjoying the newest Tomb Raider and woke up at noon today. My desire though, is to work on the other aspects of my life as well.

One of the things I’d like to do is get more exercise. Sitting in front of a computer for almost eight hours a day can’t be that healthy. I’m not chained to a desk now, so I have a chance to be more active. The weather is supposed to be quite nice and sunny near the end of the week. I have a long urban walk I have planned out. It’s about 6.4 km in total. I’m looking forward to it. Perhaps, there will be other parts of the city I’ll try exploring.

I’d also like to expand my culinary skills. Several months ago I bought a slow cooker and my initial attempt at making a pot roast was a severe disappointment. The resulting hunk of meat looked like it had been boiled more than it had been roasted. Perhaps a slow cooker just isn’t my thing. I also want to make a decent stew for once. Something that I’d enjoy as a comfort food.

Lastly, I finally would like to learn more about Android development. I have an idea for a starter app. It’s not something I’d even sell but a pilot project to help me get some hands-on experience with mobile development.

So that’s a small list for now but knowing how lazy I can get sometimes, I’d be extremely happy if those three things got done.

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