So I was at my doctor’s office this week for a regular check-up. Everything was fine except that my doctor said that I needed to lose twenty pounds. He said he could see a bit of a gut hanging out and that I was developing a bit of a double chin. Ok, so the first observation you can quantify as he was using my height and body mass index to determine my ideal weight. The gut and the double chin remark I think was purely subjective. I may not have a rock-hard six-pack for abs but I think I’m far from having a gut. I’ve seen a lot of TV and movies where they have a fat dude for comedic relief and I’m not nearly fat enough to have a gut. As for the double-chin, I share my mother’s genetic trait of having a weak chin, so it doesn’t jut out like a finely chiseled movie star’s chin. As such, if I just slightly pull my chin towards my neck, it looks bad.

Now, I don’t dispute that I should probably lose those twenty pounds. According to the BMI, I’m in the overweight category (which a lot of people belong to) so I’m fine with looking at improving my diet and exercise. I just don’t think I have a gut nor a double-chin. Alright, let’s see how long it takes for me to lose this weight.

2 thoughts on “I’M A FATTIE”

  1. I have a gut, a weak chin, and high blood pressure to boot. Still won’t stop me from enjoying my bacon, though I have started going to the pool a lot. Sitting in that sauna sure is a good workout … I am turning into an old European man, aren’t I?

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