I’ve been a fan of goat cheese for many, many years now. Surprisingly, I didn’t start buying goat cheese to use at home until this month. I’ve always loved goat cheese in my salads and the salads I’d been making at home have become a bit boring. I felt like a real adult when I went to the supermarket downstairs to look for goat cheese. I found a log of it in the deli area and not in the dairy case where all the regular “orange” cheeses are found.

I’ve been adding it in very liberal portions to my salads and it’s quite delicious. I love the taste and texture of goat cheese. That certain saltiness mixed in with the smoothness is so delicious. I sometimes mix in avocado chunks in with the goat cheese in a salad, with a berry vinaigrette dressing. It’s a very rich salad but so good.

I eat about 300 grams of goat cheese per week. I don’t think that’s too harmful but I’d like to keep my eye on my consumption. Maybe I should start spreading it on crackers!

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