You know that common practice of taking a day off to extend a long weekend so you get four days off? I’m sure many of your co-workers and even yourself have done that. In all my years of working, I’ve never done that, not once. Sure I’ve taken vacation days before but I’ve done it just to extend a long weekend. I always figured I need every vacation for a trip or something.

Well, I’m about change all of that for Easter. For us non-government employees, we only get three days off for Easter. I believe if you work for the guberment, you get four. Anyways, my current job gives me four weeks vacation each year which is more than any other job I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ll use it all so it’s time I start taking days off. The question remains, should the day off be so that I start the long weekend earlier or so that it goes one day longer at the end? I’m leaning towards putting it at the end, that way when all my co-workers go back to work, I can have satisfaction of sleeping in that day. What do you think?

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