On the weekend, the fine folks at EA out in Burnaby had a huge post-holiday staff party at the Hotel Vancouver. It was an impressive event which was a James Bond or Austin Powers themed evening. As such, I wore my finest suit, which remains my Indochino number.

In the last twelve calendar months I’ve worn my suit about a half-dozen times. Previous to that, I don’t think I’ve worn a suit more than a half-dozen times in my life. I really like wearing suits. Perhaps it’s the novelty of doing something new or experiencing something you usually don’t. It’s probably because I finally bought a suit that actually looks good on me. Whatever it is, I kinda want to wear a suit more often. Alas, in my line of work, there’s not a lot of opportunity to do that.

Now there are probably some business dudes out there would who gladly trade places with me and relish the opportunity to show up at work on a daily basis wearing jeans, a hoodie, and skate shoes. They’re probably sick of their daily grind of having to wear the business uniform. I’m probably not looking to wear a suit to work everyday but I just wish there were more chances for me to dress it up once in a while, in a work or social setting.

Maybe I can get in my suit to go to the movies.

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