I had a great bout of insomnia last night. I’m not sure what caused it. I didn’t have any more caffeine than usual and I didn’t have it any later than usual as well. I went to bed at a reasonable hour and I felt wide awake. I felt refreshed and energized actually. Two in the morning rolled around and then came three. I thought that maybe I was too dehydrated to sleep so I went and grabbed a glass of water. Not sure if that helped. I finally popped a sleeping pill but by that time I knew it wasn’t going to pretty the next morning.

I eventually fell asleep but morning came way too soon. I dragged my ass outta bed and got to work at a normal hour. I slammed the green tea right away but that still didn’t prevent a massive low around 2pm. I felt like napping at my desk but I soldiered on.

I am hoping to get to bed a bit early tonight. On a totally unrelated note, this would be make for a hell of a vacation.

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