So I got quite ill last night and I’m pretty sure it came from some questionable seafood I had at dinner. I felt fine until around 9pm when I detected the slightest bit of nausea which increased in severity over the next few hours. It never got to the point where I felt like vomiting but it sure was uncomfortable. A slight headache then set in as did the chills. Sleep was almost impossible to get as I felt quite ill throughout the night. The pooping started overnight as well.

As morning arrived, the level of discomfort was high enough that I could not go to work so I had to make it a sick day. I finally felt good enough to get some sleep in the late morning. I woke up sometime after 1pm to somewhat lesser symptoms. By late afternoon, I was able to eat something, almost 24 hours since consuming my last meal. Surprisingly, the tiny bit of food I ate stayed in my body and did not choose to exit my body in a violent and forceful manner.

As of this evening, I still have a slight headache and a bit of a chill but I think I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow. Though this was definitely not fun, this was far from the worst food-borne illness that I’ve suffered. If you want an account of my worst experience, click here. At least this time, I didn’t projectile vomit green beans through my nostrils!

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