I ride the Skytrain into work everyday. I deboard at the last stop of the line. The train car is usually fairly empty by the time the last stop rolls around. Today was not different as there were perhaps just four people in my car as we pulled into the terminus station.

One of those four people was this young lady sitting by herself. She was also full-on asleep as in head back and mouth open asleep. I could tell it was one of those deep sleeps. I wondered if she had missed her stop because she had fallen asleep. If she had, by how much? I briefly thought about waking her up because the train would start going back the other way. I definitely would have woken her up if the train was going to be taken out of service but the usually announce that first. For whatever reason, apathy or just awkwardness, I didn’t do anything at all. I honestly thought she’d wake up on her own but she didn’t. As I stepped off the car she was still snoozing away. Maybe I should have woken her up. I’m curious what her intended stop was.

2 thoughts on “WAKE UP LADY”

  1. I too have fallen asleep on public transit and have indeed missed my stop. As I woke up, I just played it cool, and pretended that nothing was a miss. The potentially most embarrassing incident could have been on an airplane flt. I was still fast asleep when the plane landed, taxied to the gate, and half the plane de-boarded. I woke up just in time. Best landing I have ever experienced.

  2. Wow, sleeping through a landing. Can’t say I’ve done that. I’ve slept through a take-off once though but I was super tired.

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