I haven’t had a Coke Zero in over a week and I just got a huge craving for it. It maybe because I’m just thirsty right now but it’s the first thing I want to drink.

I started receiving Christmas cards last week. So far, Phil & Alana have sent me the fanciest card. It’s got glitter and rubies on it. Any card that has gemstones on it certainly rockets up to the top of my list.

The PopCap holiday party was held on Saturday. I didn’t make a fool of myself during the evening nor did I get sloppy drunk. The photographer we hired for the event released his set of photos and I didn’t look dumb in any of the photos, which is a miracle since I’m not very photogenic.

There is now a poutine place open just downstairs from where I live. Is this where my cholesterol spirals out of control? I picked up a small order of poutine on my way up to my apartment. While I was ordering, I saw a little one enjoying her food. I need to make some promise to myself not to eat there more than like five times a week. That’s a reasonable number right?

My parents bought me a robe for Christmas about two years ago. I didn’t start wearing it until last month. I’m still not turning the heat on during the winter and it got cold in my apartment. The robe was required to keep me warm enough to be comfortable. Thanks parents.

Not that I’m counting but there are only four more works days until I’m holiday.

2 thoughts on “RANDOMS”

  1. Score! I hope you didn’t wind up covered in glitter like our couch, table and my shirt did after we findshed doing cards.

  2. It was very pretty and I appreciate the effort you guys put into it. I will put the rubies onto a sweater vest I own.

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