Well, if WordPress is correct, this is my 3000th published blog post. What a milestone! Three thousand well-written and thoughtful pieces of fine writing! Ha!

You’d think with such a milestone I’d have a great post ready but you’d be wrong. I’ll use this momentous occasion to tell you a story from a few days ago. I was peeing in one of the bathroom stalls at work. I don’t use the urinals because they’re like six inches apart and there’s no divider between them. The last time I used one of those urinals, a guy actually stepped up next to me and our shoulders touched while we urinated. I’m talking full on sustained contact during the entire urination. It was so uncomfortable.

Anyways, I now urinate in the stalls now. So last week, I’m doing my business and I kinda started to daydream and looked up at the ceiling. I glanced down and I realized my aim was totally off. I was missing the bowl and actually had peed on the stall dividing wall for about two seconds. I was mortified and corrected my aim. I’d never been that off with my aim before. I looked to see what kind of mess I had made. Luckily, it wasn’t enough to start pooling on the tiles but there was no doubt I got a good chunk of the dividing wall. Before I was done, someone came into the stall next to me and I was afraid he might notice the floor was kinda wet. I quickly finished my routine, took some toilet paper and wiped off the wall a bit. Then I washed my hands and ran outta there!

Yep, this is what I used my 3000th post for.

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