So here we are again. Every four years since the year 2000, the world watches as Americans flirt with utter and complete disaster as they choose who will be their President for another four years. On one side, we have the Democrats, who at worst, are the lesser of two evils, and at best, are America’s best choice to continue to lead their country back towards prosperity and sanity. On the other side, are the Republicans, whose policies and stances are clearly repugnant to the rest of the world but for reasons that I still cannot comprehend, have found alarming support from racists and extremists alike.

It’s so clear to the rest of the world that President Obama would be the better choice in 2012. Of course, this clarity is nowhere to be seen in the US which is why it is so maddening for the rest of the civilized world to watch this election unfold. If the stakes were not so high and so serious, it would be laughable but alas, this is no laughing matter. Under Republican control, a George W. Bush White House brought a war to Iraq and a recession to the US, amongst many other bad things. These events were not isolated to the US. The war pulled many other countries into a futile attempt to find non-existent WMDs. How many non-US soldiers died in Iraq because Bush was elected? How many people outside the US lost their jobs because the US allowed their banks to get too greedy and destroyed their economy? The US does not operate in isolation unfortunately.

So, tomorrow the world watches again as the US flirts with ruin, like watching a toddler walk for the first time. Will this child gain strength and continue to stride forward or will it all come falling down again?

May the world have enough resolve to survive another US Presidential election.

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