The Internet is such a great gift to the world. Normally when I try to find more about a book, TV show, movie, or anything really from my past, the Internet will come through for me 99$ of the time. Unfortunately, it appears that rare 1% of the time has surfaced with a particular book I’m looking for.

In elementary school, I believe when I was in sixth grade, my class was given a book to read. I forget some of the details but the book was fascinating enough for me to want to look it up again. I remember the book was about a young boy who lived in the days of the Roman Empire. I believe the main character was required to take a long journey from one part of the Roman Empire to another, which could have been quite a vast distance given the extent of its borders. It was the first book that made me think about everyday life in ancient civilizations and what an average citizen dealt with back in those days. Previously, any mention about the Roman Empire in class had been in broad strokes, which was appropriate given the vast number and depth of topics relating to it. The book, however, brought the subject down to a more relatable level, that of a boy living in those times.

I have tried my best in finding the name of the book but I’m afraid I might have forgotten too many details or my memory has smudged enough details to throw off my search. Do any of you, my loyal readers, know what book I might be describing?

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