I'm actually Obama 2012!

I’m no fan of the Republican party, far from it. I’m hoping for another four years of a Democratic White House. If the world is going to hell, I might as well make a few dollars at the same time.

2 thoughts on “FORGIVE ME”

  1. Still an underdog bet. Looks like the VP debate stalled the Republican surge, or Romney’s bounce just wasn’t quite enough to pull substantially ahead and Obama’s numbers have rebounded somewhat over the weekend. I suspect you’re buying high, you really should have placed your bet on R-Money two weeks ago.

    Big debate tomorrow. The town hall debate was when Clinton put the knife in Bush 41.

    Check out Bush vs Clinton here:

    I think a one-on-one with town hall participants will favour Obama over Romney, but not if Obama mails it in like he did last time.

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