In my previous post, I wrote about a rogue hair on my left shoulder. After work I went to a drug store and bought myself some tweezers. These scissor-style tweezers are perfect for those hard to reach areas because you don’t need your fingers right near the plucking site.

When I got them home, I realized I’d have to contort myself slightly to get the tweezers in the right position. Looking in the mirror, I tried plucking the hair once but failed as there wasn’t much hair to pluck and it was difficult to get the tweezers in the right location. I reset myself and then tried again. I gripped but I didn’t think I actually got anything. I then noticed a short, straight black hair about a quarter of an inch on my shoulder. At first I thought that was just an eyelash or another hair from my head. Then I wondered if that was indeed the rogue hair. I hadn’t felt a thing during my last tweeze attempt so I just thought I had missed. With a finger, I picked the hair off my shoulder and looked at it. It was straight as an arrow and looked like any other hair, just really short and thick. It then tumbled onto my bathroom counter where it got lost amongst the dark marble.

I then felt my shoulder. It was smooth again. That was indeed the mystery hair! I had plucked it! It was really odd. Usually when you pluck a hair, you feel some amount of pain as you’re ripping the hair out of the follicle. This was painless to me. It almost felt like this hair was like a sliver that had gotten embedded into my skin. Anyways, I’m glad I got that damn thing out of there.

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