So this sunny Saturday I hopped on a bus to take me across the Granville Street bridge from downtown. As I took my seat, a sibling combo sat behind me. The brother was the younger one, he looked to be about twelve to fourteen years of age. His sister was older, probably late teens or early twenties. They were making idle chatter as the bus made its away across the bridge. The brother then turned to his sister and asked her a question.

So who is Sean Connery?

The question hit in my right in my MedicAlert bracelet and prune juice container. The kid was serious about his question and he didn’t look like he had been living under a rock for most of his life. I’m guessing he knew who Justin Bieber was. Anyways, his sister didn’t even miss a beat and answered his question without any surprise at all. I turned and looked at the kid and briefly flirted with idea of letting him know he made me feel really old but I just turned my head back and enjoyed the view.

So there are now teenagers on this planet that have no idea who Sean Connery is. That is kinda sad… for a lot of reasons. So is this like when I was a kid and I had to listen to seniors explain how Mickey Rooney was the biggest star in the world?

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