Loyal readers, as many of you know it is a presidential election year in the United States. Current president and Democratic, Barack Obama will seek re-election as he is challenged by the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. Though the election is still well over two months away, I am ready to call the election with a fair amount of certainty. is ready to project, in the middle of August, that Mitt Romney will become the 45th President of the United States.

Now you might be wondering how I, someone who has previously stated has little knowledge of politics, can make such a declaration so soon when other political experts are still analyzing the situation. Well, my loyal readers, my confidence comes from an observation I have made about the people of the United States, something I have noticed since the year 2000. American is a most unusual country, it is a conundrum, a mystery, and a puzzle. When taken as a whole, America has many flaws, yet when you examine a select group of Americans, you can see the best and the brightest in the world. The US just sent a few hundred of their best athletes to the Summer Olympics. They won more medals than any other country. Yet, as a whole, a large percentage of Americans are obese, ranking second in the world in obesity, according to one study.

If you examine how smart Americans can be, one could look at the California Institute of Technology as an example. Caltech has had 31 Nobel laureates in its halls, a number and a ratio to its alumni that is unmatched by any other learning institution. A few hundred of the best and brightest over the Jet Propulsion Lab, were able to launch and land a small on Mars this month. NASA has been able to successfully send more spacecraft to Mars than any other nation. Yet for all the accomplishments America has gained, we constantly hear about the dumbing down of the US, the war on intellectuals and the decline of education. As an example, the US elevates people like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and the cast of Jersey Shore as stars and even more sadly, sometimes as role models. Why are these people so famous?

It is this odd duplicity that permeates throughout the US that confounds me. It is also the reason why I believe Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States. In small doses and in select circumstances, small groups of US people can be capable of doing amazing things. As a whole though, as a nation together, it makes poor and baffling choices. These choices hurt their country but they seem unaware or powerless to stop themselves from making such choices.

It’s so clear that Mitt Romney would be a terrible leader for the majority of the citizens of the United States. Fiscally, the man who is worth over $200M has little in common with the average American man, woman, or family. His interests lie with corporations. His refusal to even release his tax returns should be a jarring alarm to the average voter but sadly this won’t matter to most Americans. On social issues, Romney is no friend of women, minorities or really anyone who isn’t a white male or shall I say a rich, white male.

Though he is definitely not perfect, Americans would help themselves immensely if they gave Barack Obama a second term. Millions of Americans now have access to healthcare that they did not before, that alone should be reason enough for them to vote for Obama in the fall. Yet, I can almost guarantee, some of these same people will actually vote for Romney and will eventually get their healthcare taken away.

So in summary, while I believe individually, Americans are capable of being the best in the world, America as a whole, loves making the dumbest choices for their nation. They had a rare moment of clarity in 2008 but get ready for a monumental national blunder come November. You heard it here first, Mitt Romney will be number 45.

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