Over the weekend I saw the new Batman movie and ahead of it was the first teaser trailer for Man of Steel, the second attempt in the last ten years to reboot the Superman movie franchise. I’ve adopted for a ho-hum attitude for Superman movies for many, many years now so I was very skeptical of this new movie. This trailer was really well made though and it caused me to have some hope that it might actually be a decent film. It used a really great piece from Lord of the Rings for the music. I also liked how it showed Clark as a normal, average Joe doing things we’ve never seen do before, like working on a fishing boat and hitchhiking. So many films have shown Clark to be nothing but a suit wearing and bespectacled dude outside of the costume. It was really refreshing to see him look completely different when not being Superman.

The movie won’t be out for another year so there’s lot of room for it to go completely off the rails but I have a tiny bit of optimism now. Oh, and don’t tell anyone but here’s the longer and much more juicier trailer shown at Comic Con this month. It’s a bit fuzzy at times but you see Superman in his new suit in much more detail. Boo! The link was taken down.

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