The purple looks the best...

What you see above is a picture of my kitchen cabinets with some LED accent lights that I installed myself from Ikea. The picture is a crappy one but I assure you it doesn’t look washed out with all the white light in real life. With your own eyes, it actually looks like a nice shade of purple. I can make them almost any colour I want using the controls and even cycle the colours automatically. These are the same type of LED lights I used for the back of my TV.

I originally did a quick test installation underneath my cabinets but the result was too extreme. Having coloured lights right down at eye level was a bit weird. Once I put them above my cabinets, it was clear that was the way to go. That also allowed the light to reflect off the white ceiling of my kitchen which gives a nice effect. I’ll try to update this post with a video of the colour cycling later on.

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