It sure didn't look like this today...

Today was July 11, or 7/11 or 7-11 in other terms. 7-11 just happens to be the name of a global chain of convenience stores. In honour of this, they gave away free samples of their iconic Slurpee drink from the hours of 11am to 7pm. I just happened to be at my local 7-11 next to my workplace right after 11am.

I was there to buy a bottle of water and some chocolate bars but noticed the giveaway so I partook in the promotion. They had placed out all these smaller cups specifically for the free samples. I took one and then stuck it under the Coke Slurpee spout and pulled the handle. I instantly noticed how lightly coloured the product coming out of the spout was. Normally, the colour of the Coke Slurpee is a deep brown. The amount of colour in a Coke Slurpee indicates how much of the syrup is in the product and accordingly, how sweet it will be. The light brown indicated to me that there wasn’t much syrup in the machine. Leaving the store, I began to sample my Slurpee and my suspicions were correct. This was least sweet Slurpee I’ve had in memory.

There was no doubt that the store had significantly reduced the amount of syrup in the machines as a cost-savings measure on a day they were expecting a significant amount of customers to come and grab their free Slurpees. It’s a shame they decided to do this because my Slurpee tasted terrible but I understand these are tough economic times. I bet the machines will be bursting with syrup tomorrow when you gotta pay!

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