The last time I was in Montreal was 24 years ago, which makes me feel like an old, old man. My aunt had six children which means she produced a lot of my cousins just on her own. I was in Montreal for the wedding of one of those cousins, one of the triplet cousins.

My triplet cousins are the youngest of the bunch and I think it’s been over a decade since I’ve seen any of them. The three older cousins I’ve seen a lot more since they’re out west frequently.

The wedding itself was a success and I enjoyed myself immensely. It was nice seeing all my six cousins, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, and grandma in one place. That’s a rare thing these days so it was quite special.

I’ve been here for three full days but I haven’t even begun to rediscover the city. There is so much to do in Montreal.

The interesting thing is that Montreal feels like a foreign country compared to the places I visited early in the year, namely San Diego and New York which actually are located in a different country. Montreal has a very European feel to it and with the influence of French everywhere, it certainly feels like a different country.

Anyways, I must head off to bed and sleep in this wonderful hotel bed for one more night.

One thought on “WEEKEND IN MONTREAL”

  1. Glad you had a good time! We now know Wanda’s is not a good place to buy 8.00$ beers.

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