My property tax statement arrived in the mail today. Paying the tax is one of the necessary evils of owning property but I’m ok with it. My property assessment arrived a few months earlier. That statement said my apartment only appreciated about $1K compared to last year. Because of that, I had been guessing that the property tax this year wouldn’t be much higher than last year’s. As it turned out, I was right. In fact, it was about $60 less than the previous amount.

The total amount I have to pay is about $1600. I’m eligible for a home owner’s grant every year and that knocks the number down by about $600. In total, I’ll wind up paying just over $1K. My taxes pay for a lot of things in my municipality, including paying for the schools in my area. I was thinking they should let me teach a class or two at the local high school. I’m not sure how paying school taxes entitles me to teach at local schools but I still think it would be fun. I’ve always enjoyed teaching though I’ve never done it at the high school level. Maybe it’s for the best since I hear high school kids can be mean.

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