This was not Photoshopped...

So I’ve been frequenting the new pizza place below my apartment quite a bit. It’s really good pizza and I have to pass by it on my way up to my apartment whenever I come home. That’s almost an irresistible combination. The pizza is so good that I actually prefer the all veggie ones there. Anyways, there’s a guy who works at there who has served me almost every single time I’ve come in. He’s courteous and friendly but there was something really familiar about him that I couldn’t place at first. Then I realized today what that thing was. Dude looks a lot like Alex Ovechkin.

I wonder if anyone has told him that. I’m tempted to mention something to him the next time I’m in there but I’m uncertain if he’ll be offended by my comment. Perhaps it’s best to just keep it to myself, don’t gamble with those who serve your food.

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