When I was a kid, nothing entertained me more than anything that had to do with science-fiction and comic book characters. It was difficult though, liking those things because there were far less movies and TV shows with those themes than there are today. With comic book characters especially, it just wasn’t an accepted part of mainstream entertainment. When I was kid, Superman was the only superhero franchise that Hollywood had enough faith to make. I know the Man of Steel is an iconic character but I personally thought he was really boring as far as superheroes go. I longed for the day that every superhero could get their own movie. I would have to wait several long years before anything like happened. In fact, I’d have to wait until I was well into my 20s before the “golden age” of superhero movies were upon us.

I had to wait that long because all the other geeks who thought like me had to grow up as well. As kids, we had no power. There was no way to tell Hollywood we wanted to superhero movies and even if we could, kids don’t have a lot of spending power. Once we got older though, we were no longer just kids who liked superheroes, we were adults who had money who were willing to spend that money on superheroes. We also started having kids who learned to like superheroes as well. Thus began the era where superhero movies were popular and profitable.

As a kid, my ultimate entertainment dream was to see a movie that featured a whole team of superheroes. They would all have their separate movies and then come together in one spectacular team-up movie. Characters could also appear in each others movies in one single unified fictional universe. At the time, this was crazy to want because they weren’t even making any superhero movies outside of Superman.

Now you might be thinking, this already came to pass with all the X-Men movies. While technically they are a mutant team of superheroes that appeared together in a single film, none of the characters had individual solo movies made first. All the characters were crammed into a single film that really did not allow for extensive character development (except for Wolverine because he was special).

The Avengers is the movie that fulfills the dream I had long ago. All the main characters appeared in previous movies and have their own legitimate movie franchises. They didn’t even have to waste a single minute in bringing the audience up to speed on any of the characters. Marvel has spent the last three years building up to this movie. No one goes into The Avengers and has to ask where that Stark guy got his suit. No one wonders why that guy’s hammer is so powerful. No one questions why that round shield can deflect anything. In most cases, each character had a two hour long character development piece done for them before The Avengers even started. It is the true film that I had been waiting for since I was a child.

If I could be honest though, I always thought that if my dream would come true, it wouldn’t have been The Avengers who did it first. As a kid, I preferred The Justice League over The Avengers. They had more famous members and they had BatmanBatman! Though it’s easy now to see why The Avengers made it out first. While Marvel has been almost flawless in bringing its intellectual properties to the big screen, DC Comics appear to be stumbling like a drunk in an alleyway with no pants on. It’s really stunning how good one company is and how terrible the other is. With the exception of Batman, DC Comics just don’t know how to make a superhero movie (and they best be kissing Chris Nolan’s ass for decades). Keep in mind they have Superman and Wonder Woman in their stable, yet all we get is the weak-ass Green Lantern. A Justice League movie would be a license to print money but they can’t even get that going.

Ok, geek rank over!


This evening, I somehow wandered into YouTube videos of planes landing so you’re gonna get to share that with me. The above video is from the old Kai Tak airport from Hong Kong. Before the new airport was built, planes had to take a crazy right hand turn before doing the final approach to the runway. I got to experience this myself about four times when I went to Hong Kong as a child. Some of those landings were even at night, which made it quite interesting.


So I went and saw a movie at the new theatre that opened up below where I live. It was a Saturday night and it was not as busy as I thought it was. It was pretty much all awesome. I bought tickets for myself and my buddy and his friend an hour before the show started. I was able to select my seats. That meant we didn’t have to the in the theatre early to claim good seats. That also meant I was able to be in my apartment literally just minutes before the show started. It look me less than five minutes to leave my place and then be standing in the theatre lobby. I have become spoiled now.

The theatre was brand spanking new and everything was shiny and polished. It will be the newest I will see any theatre be. All the screenings are digital so The Avengers were crystal clear to me the entire time. When the movie was finished, I was back up in my apartment before even the credits finished rolling (yes, I know about the shwarma scene).

It is hard to imagine people have to drive to a theatre in this day and age now!


This is just a reminder that it’s Mother’s Day here in North America this Sunday. So please remember to do something nice for your Mom this weekend. My sister and I are taking our Mom for brunch on Saturday. I picked out a lovely card for Mom this evening. I hope she likes the Transformer theme I picked out!


Actor Ryan Reynolds came back to his hometown of Vancouver this week for four days to visit his family and to renew his Canadian passport. He did not come back alone as he brought his current girlfriend, Blake Lively with him. I have to say, normally Reynolds doesn’t get a lot of attention when he comes back home. He was back earlier this fall and no one made a big deal about it as it’s not unusual for him to be in Vancouver as his family still is in the area. This time, however, he seemed to have a lot of photographers around him almost every step of his visit. They even trailed him to Nanaimo on the island where his brother lives. You can see the pictures here.

Normally, I don’t have much sympathy for famous and rich actors. In this case, Reynolds is worth millions and has dated (and married) some of the most beautiful women on the planet. I also have a coworker who went to high school with him and according to him, Reynolds was a bit of an asshole back then. So you’d think I wouldn’t really feel bad for Reynolds. I guess I don’t actually feel bad for him because his life is still pretty damn awesome, photographers notwithstanding. I do think, however, that’s unfortunate that he trailed everywhere from the passport office to even his brother’s workplace. He couldn’t even get some privacy visiting his family. I bet he wouldn’t have garnered so much attention if Lively wasn’t with him. People love seeing celebrity couples in the public.

Ok, now that I’m done with that, remember there are some real problems in the world, like the food crisis in the Sahel region of Africa.


Welcome to another edition of “Did You Know?”!!! Did you know are several playlists on YouTube that feature videos that are ten hours in length? Yes, that’s right! Here is one example. I’m not sure why anyone would want to play any of these from start to finish but they are interesting nonetheless. I have selected one above for your pleasure, it features Epic Sax Guy.


One ticket for Death Blow please...

This Friday, the new ten screen movie theatre below my apartment will supposedly open for business. I expect there will be high potential for a gong show of an opening night. For one, they’ll be coming in extremely hot as construction is still being done as I type this and it’s already Tuesday. I’ve tried looking into the windows and it appears that some drywalling and painting still need to be done. At the least the sign outside is up. Second, because the theatre isn’t really finished, I don’t think the new staff will have had much training by the time the theatre opens. I’ve seen this before as many of the new shops have opened up below. A completely new set of employees are thrown at the public and it takes them a few weeks to get their bearings. I remember when the Safeway opened up, no one at the deli knew how to make a sandwich. Everything at the Safeway is fine now because months have now passed but I do remember those early days when it was very apparent that people were new to their jobs. I expect the same for the theatre workers.

Now things wouldn’t be that bad if the theatre opened to a small number of people but I don’t think that will be the case. In the municipality that I live in, there are currently no theatres for people to go to the movies. With a population of close to 70, 000 that’s a lot of people who have to go to neighbouring areas to see a flick. With the Avengers being extremely popular at the box office, I believe Friday will be a very busy opening day for my home theatre.

Will the paint be dry yet? Will your cashier know how to punch in a large popcorn? Will the projectionist know how to start the movie? It’ll be an interesting opening day for sure.


This was not Photoshopped...

So I’ve been frequenting the new pizza place below my apartment quite a bit. It’s really good pizza and I have to pass by it on my way up to my apartment whenever I come home. That’s almost an irresistible combination. The pizza is so good that I actually prefer the all veggie ones there. Anyways, there’s a guy who works at there who has served me almost every single time I’ve come in. He’s courteous and friendly but there was something really familiar about him that I couldn’t place at first. Then I realized today what that thing was. Dude looks a lot like Alex Ovechkin.

I wonder if anyone has told him that. I’m tempted to mention something to him the next time I’m in there but I’m uncertain if he’ll be offended by my comment. Perhaps it’s best to just keep it to myself, don’t gamble with those who serve your food.


It’s been over a month now since I’ve started my new job and I’ve derived some pleasure in finding new places to go for lunch. I recently discovered The Noodle Box which is just two blocks from work. You gotta try their BBQ brisket chow mein sometime. I do love my stir fry.

The one place that’s escaped my discovery was a decent sushi joint. I enjoy sushi because it’s delicious and relatively healthy, especially compared to that McChicken meal I had yesterday. Today, I decided to pop into this small sushi place right by the Vancouver Public Library. It was past 1:30pm so the lunch time crowd had dissipated and I had plenty of room at the sushi bar for myself. It seemed that the place was run by actual Japanese people which is a rarity these days with sushi restaurants.

I ordered a sushi combo which consisted of a spicy tuna roll, a chopped scallop roll, and four pieces of tuna sashimi. It was all very delicious, especially the sashimi. The service was good too as my cup of green tea was kept full at all times. I was quite delighted to find this place. I might even go back tomorrow.