As long as Saturday Night Live remains popular, the show will continue to foster and build comedic talent. Like clockwork, talented people on the show rise from being unknowns to true comedic stars. On the weekend, the talented Kristen Wiig exited the long running show. She wasn’t the first to leave the show after becoming a rising star and she won’t be the last. Some SNL performers get the honour of a last farewell sketch. In recent years, Jimmy Fallon, Tiny Fey, and Will Ferrell were lucky enough to get such honours. Almost always, the farewell sketch is more sweet than bitter and happy rather than sad. The skit that honoured Wiig, however, was amazingly bittersweet and a very touching tribute. After such strong female cast members like Fey and Amy Poehler left, Wiig took the opportunity to really make the show her own.

The emotional end of the show caught many people by surprise, if social media were to believed. Wiig will no doubt continue to nurture her burgeoning movie and writing career. I will miss Penelope and the Target Lady.

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