As many of you noticed early this year, I was a bit concerned about what I was going to wear to my friend Joel’s wedding in March. The invitation called for black tie and after going through the various options, I settled on a custom made black suit from Indochino. I wound up loving my new black suit as it is the best fitting suit I have ever worn.

I have another wedding to go to in a few short weeks at the beginning of June. The wedding is for my cousin Gloria, who will be married at a golf course in Montreal. I want to wear my black suit again but I’ve read differing opinions on the appropriateness of wearing a black suit to a wedding. I’ve consulted many sources on the Internet. Some say a black suit is fine (without question in a black-tie scenario) and is totally acceptable if you wear it with a colourful shirt and/or tie. Others say a black suit should not be worn to a wedding.

I’m leaning towards bringing my black suit to the wedding. The adage that one should not wear black to a wedding is an old one and I think it’s becoming outdated. As long as I don’t show up in a pure black and white outfit, I should be fine. I have my eye on a nice lavender shirt and tie combo, which should look lovely at the reception.


  1. I think you should go with the black suit. Always a sharp option! As tempted as you are by those linen suits you can wear with sandals, my guess is you won’t get too many wears out of them!

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