In every household you can generally find things that are common to households everywhere. I would put items like writing instruments in such a category. Last week, I found myself in a situation where that was not the case for my household. I wanted to write something down after I read an article on the Internet so I went looking for a pen or anything really that I could write with. Now I had brought a pen with me to my trip to New York. The pen, unfortunately, exploded on my way back from Manhattan. I guess there was air trapped in the cylinder that holds the ink. Of course that air was at a higher pressure than the cabin air so the thing just popped a seal and started to leak ink everywhere. I made a mess filling out my custom’s card and had to go to the washroom to wash off all the ink. I wound up dumping the pen inside my barf bag and I just left it my seat pocket.

That pen turned out to be the only pen that I owned at the time. I didn’t realize that until I needed to write something down in my apartment. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have a single working pen, pencil, marker, or piece of chalk in my entire home but that indeed was fact. I was in school for twenty-one years if you count public school and university and for all those years, I had all kinds of writing instruments, different coloured pens, pencils with different graphite hardness, highlighters, the list goes on. I’ve now gotten to the point where I don’t even own a single pen.

The situation rectified itself when I went to the Auto Show last weekend. I picked up a free pen from a booth. That’s the only pen I currently own, a promo pen. School me would be really disappointed with me right now.

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