This evening I went out to dinner with a few people. One of them was a woman whom I had attended high school with. Let’s call her LaQuisha. She had married someone who got into the games industry and her husband was at dinner as well. By virtue of marrying into the industry, it meant I saw LaQuisha and her husband a lot more often than most people I had gone to high school with. Anyways, it had been a few months since I’d saw them.

LaQuisha told me that there was another high school reunion planned for this October. She wanted to know if I had replied to the invitation yet. This was the first I had heard of this. LaQuisha insisted that I had already been invited via Facebook but I knew this to be not true at all. I knew nothing of the details so she filled me in on what she knew. It appears this reunion will be a lot fancier than the last one, which was held in a small and old church hall. We’re scheduled to meet at a suburban hotel this time which already means this thing is about 100x more classy than the last event.

LaQuisha didn’t go to the last one but years ago I had relayed to her what went on since I attended myself. I’ve written this before but I can only continue to laugh at what transpired at the last reunion. It happened in the summer of 2002 which was a bit of a transitional period for me. I had just quit my testing job at EA because I was entering grad school in less than two months. At the time, I was about to move into the graduate residences at UBC so I was still living with my parents. So when people at the first reunion asked me what I was up to, I couldn’t really lie and the truth was, I was jobless, ladyless, still lived at home, hadn’t worked at any job for more than a year and a half, and had to borrow my father’s car to drive myself to the reunion venue. There were people there who were just genuinely happy to see me and didn’t really care about my situation but I wonder if some others went home and felt sorry for me. “Man, that Erwin had so much potential and look how he turned out.” Hilarious! I can laugh about it now because my life got wickedly awesome essentially right after that. From the first day of grad school to basically now, I’ve been pretty pleased with my life.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go to this next reunion but not because I want to show people how much my life has improved, just because I think it’ll just be really interesting to see everyone again. And also because LaQuisha told me whom among all the girls from high school are still really pretty and single.

One thought on “REUNION AGAIN”

  1. “So much potential and look how they turned out”
    – Every TSN reporter commenting on the 2011-12 Vancouver Canucks tomorrow morning.

    Sorry, I’m a bit bitter, I picked them to go to the final (against Pittsburgh…ARGH!) in my hockey pool. Congrats on your coming gambling winnings…

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