Good guys indeed...


Before I embark on my next journey with a new studio tomorrow, I’d like to briefly praise the last company I worked for, Radical Entertainment. I know I wrote some kind words about them when my contract ended in December but they’ve continued to impress me with their professionalism and classy ways. I received an e-mail a few weeks back from someone at Radical who told me I’d be getting a free copy of Prototype 2, the game I worked on for them. Some companies don’t give contractors a free copy of the game, so this was a nice gesture. Not only will I get a free copy, I’ll be getting the collector’s edition of the game which is not cheap at $80 USD. I believe Radical could have saved a lot of money by just sending out the regular version of the game but they decided to spend the cash to ensure everyone who worked on the game got all the extra goodies.

Radical’s generosity doesn’t end there. I was also invited to the wrap party later this month. As a now departed contractor, they didn’t have to include me in their party plans but they did anyways because they’re good that way. A certain EA Sports team that I worked with last before I got laid off did not extend an invitation for me to attend their wrap party even though I was on that game for a significant amount of time. I won’t say which team that was but it’s an example that not everyone is as nice as Radical.

I know that my experience with Radical is my own but in my opinion, if you have a chance to ever work there in any capacity, it would be a good move.

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