These are good for your health

As many of you know, I love eating foods that taste great but are bad for my diet. I continually amaze myself by finding new ways to abuse my body. My most recent adventure in gluttony involves Walmart which sounds as good as you might imagine. The Walmart that I patronize recently expanded and started to offer a complete assortment of grocery items. This location now sells meat, produce, frozen foods, just about everything you’d expect is a standalone supermarket. They also have a pretty extensive baked goods department.

The one item that caught my eye amongst all the baked goodies were all the small packages of mini doughnuts and doughnut holes. You can see an example of these offerings above. Such a package costs just a $1. One dollar will get you about a dozen or so little delicious doughnuts. I can’t resist them and I usually buy at least one package every single time. Though I try to pace myself, I wind up eating a whole package in less than a day. Thank you Concord Bakery for making such tasty treats! Walmart also deserves some thanks for leveraging their massive amount of buying power to get these doughnuts to me for a dollar.

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