In a previous post, I detailed the dastardly efforts to remove the current strata council in my building. The effort is being led by a representative of the builders who constructed this apartment complex. They’re not even being sneaky about it and it’s clear to everyone what their agenda is. They want to elect a puppet strata council so that they can control what goes on in this building, most importantly what does and doesn’t get fixed. It’s a huge conflict of interest. In fact, a lawyer who has been advising some of the residents has said such an action would lead the developer open to a huge risk of legal action. By law, you can’t have a developer/builder influencing a strata council like this.

The vote is going down tonight. I suspect it’s not going to be civil based on what I’ve seen from both sides in the last few days. A lot of money is at stake here and money gets people’s attention more than most things. Depending on how the vote turns out, this may wind up costing me thousands of dollars. I’ll report back with the results.

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