Before I went to San Diego, I was staying up until some crazy hours of the morning, usually not going to bed until 5 or 6 in the AM. I’d wind up awaking around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I tried to break this habit but it just seemed to be what my body wanted to do. I knew if I continued this behaviour on my trip I’d be in some real trouble. Considering that most attractions close at 5pm, just waking up in the hotel at 2pm would leave no time to see anything in San Diego. Since the sun still sets around 5pm there as well, I’d get very little of the thing I wanted to experience so badly.

Thankfully, through whatever weird process your mind goes through when you travel, I was able to adjust my body clock quite quickly once I was down there. On my first night, I went to bed around 1am and got up a little past 8am the next morning. That left me plenty of time to start my adventures. Throughout the entire week I was able to get to bed much earlier than before and awoke early enough to experience a whole day’s worth of sights in San Diego.

Sadly, it took basically no time for my body to revert back to its old ways once I returned to Vancouver. I’ve made a bit of progress as I seem to want to sleep around 4am now as opposed to 6am but I am certainly back to being a night owl.

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