Sometimes I don’t have very good ideas for this blog and this post is probably another good example of that. In a previous post, I wrote that I decided to forgo going to sleep one morning and wanted to go to Denny’s for breakfast instead. I returned home from that adventure around 9am to finally get to bed. Before I did though, I thought it would be interesting to film me as I slept and given that it was now daylight outside, I could take advantage of that.

I timed the camera to take a picture every 45 seconds. If I do this again, I might decrease the time between pictures to 30 seconds. Anyways, it was a very long sleep as I believe I only got six hours of rest. Also, because it’s winter, it got dark before I even woke up. I believe the video is interesting but not entirely entertaining (though I seem to show my butt to the camera for several seconds). I never knew my legs slipped out from my duvet like that. I’m also of the opinion that more people would enjoy this video if I were a hot chick. People like seeing hot chicks do anything on video.

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