In a previous post, I detailed my attempts to go another winter without turning the heat on in my apartment. It’s been going ok but during the recent cold spell I had to bundle up inside to keep the streak alive. It was extra challenging this year because for some reason, the hallway on my floor was not heated. There is a vent for air right outside my door. This vent circulates fresh air from the outside. In previous years, during the winter, the air coming from this vent would also be heated. The heated air would then blow under the door to my apartment and heat my whole place. Free heating!

While the heat was not on during the cold spell, I was happy to discover the heat was turned on in the hallway today. In fact, the air was so hot, a pair of shoes by my door felt noticeably warm when I touched them. It looks like I might be able to get through another year without turning on my heat.

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