I last saw my dentist in late November for a regular check-up and cleaning. I was dismayed that he found a tiny cavity which he said would require a small filling. I haven’t had a cavity in probably two decades but it’s not a big deal. Getting a cavity filled in is a minor inconvenience. I wanted to get it done the week after but my dentist said he was all booked up so the appointment was made for tomorrow instead. My dentist also casually mentioned he was thinking about retiring.

During the holidays, I received a letter from the dentist’s office. My dentist had indeed decided to retire. He had sold his practice to two other dentists and transferred all his patients to them. As incentive to try them out, he gave all his patients $50 off their next procedure with the new dudes. The $50 off is certainly good enough to get me in their chair, so I’ll be getting my filling done by one of the new dentists.

I’m not really sure if I’ll be staying with them though. I’ve never had the chance to choose my own dentist before. When I was a kid, my father just took me to his own dentist and I stayed with him for many, many years. I wonder if any kids out there choose their dentists, probably not. Anyways, I’m ready to explore other options in the dental field. In the mall that just opened below me, a new and large dental clinic just set up shop. The location is super convenient for sure. They’ve got all these fancy and new machines and the whole clinic looks really modern. Maybe when it’s time for the next cleaning I’ll give them a try.

I do envy my previous dentist though. No more looking into people’s mouths.

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