The mall downstairs continues to have new tenants open their doors for business. Most recently, a Shoppers Drug Mart had their grand opening. For those who don’t live in Canada, this is large drug store chain. Though Shoppers has been around for decades, they’ve changed their retail focus in the last couple of years. Beyond normal drug store stuff, they also sell digital photography items and groceries. This particular location downstairs has a fairly extensive selection of food. They sell milk, eggs, cheese, and butter. They also have a frozen food aisle with items from their own brand.

As with most of the new retailers opening up in the mall, they have majorly discounted items to get people into the store. I noticed that a big box of chicken strips were on sale for $4.99, with the regular price being $10.99. Chicken is usually quite expensive and I love a good deal, so I decided to buy a box. It felt kinda weird buying frozen chicken strips from a drug store but the picture on the box sure made them look tasty. I haven’t tried them out yet but I think they maybe dinner for me tomorrow. I may go back tomorrow to buy some eggs and cheese from the drug store because they’ve been heavily discounted as well.

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