If you’re not familiar with the TV show Mythbusters, one could sum it up as a show where people blow stuff up. Actually, that’s quite an unfair way of describing the program. In Mythbusters, the show’s hosts try to either dispel or confirm myths about almost anything. In many instances though, the pursuit of truth involves blowing stuff up. In fact, just recently, in an accident, a few of the Mythbusters sent a wayward cannon ball through some residential homes.

That one accident aside, the show is immensely popular. It has been so successful that the two main Mythbusters, Jamie and Adam have taken the show on the road so to speak. They are coming to Vancouver in late January and I have tickets to the show. Dubbed the Behind the Myths Tour, it will offer some insight into how the show is produced, some behind the scenes stories, and some audience interaction. I am quite excited to see what Adam and Jamie have in store for Vancouver!

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