Waking up whenever you want is refreshing and a luxury for sure but it certainly messes up my perception of what constitutes “daytime”. This morning I woke up around 9:30am which had afforded me about four hours of sleep from the previous “night”. After coming back from that going out of business sale, I knew I’d probably be tired sometime later. I hit the wall around 4:30pm and I crawled into bed for a nap. I knew I should have only napped for 30 minutes or less. In fact, the smart thing to do was set the alarm for 30 minutes later. I did not do that however. The next thing I know it’s 6:30pm and I wake up all confused and groggy.

The long nap meant I’d probably be wide awake through most of evening and true to form, here I am writing this close to 6am. I’ve examined the time zones the world over and it appears that in my current sleep schedule, if I flew to parts of Japan, eastern Russia, Australia, or New Zealand, I would be instantly acclimatized to their time zones. In those areas, I’d be feeling sleepy around 11pm or midnight, just like a regular person.

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