As my bed time snack I decided to make scrambled eggs and toast. It may seem weird to eat a breakfast themed set of food before going to bed but who cares, it’s almost morning anyways.

While cracking my second egg, an unfortunate mistake occurred which lead to some hilarity for the next five minutes. I guess I must have cracked the egg with too much force because the shell basically split into two halves immediately, dropping the contents of the egg onto my counter and outside my egg scrambling bowl.

It occurred to me that in all my years, I had never had to clean up a raw egg which had spilled onto a counter top before. This was evident as I must have used half a roll of paper towels to contain and mop just a single egg. I dripped parts of the egg onto my kitchen floor which caused me to curse loudly. I was amazed at the amount of mess a single egg could make. It’s goopiness and stickiness seemed to expand as I tried to corral it. At one point, some of the egg edged it way precariously towards end of the counter, ready to join the drips already on the floor.

After sanitizing the area with the effort usually reserved for smallpox outbreaks, I was ready to actually start cooking the eggs. Before I had embarked on this adventure, I briefly thought about heating up some frozen pancakes. Perhaps that might have been the wiser choice.

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