I have less than three weeks left on my contract at Radical. I’ve enjoyed my time on Prototype 2 but I’m also really looking forward to having some time off. The seven months or so have really flown by.

Tonight was Halloween and I’ve seen more fireworks lofted into the air in my neighbourhood than New Year’s Eve and Canada Day combined. It wasn’t even close. At one point, I counted six different fireworks displays going off at the same time as I watched from my balcony. I’m not sure when Halloween turned from being candy focused to ordnance focused.

The new Safeway downstairs in my apartment complex opens on December 9th. I’m really excited to have another choice for buying groceries and other items. As I’ll be unemployed by that time, I’m going to enjoy the grand opening festivities with the senior citizens in my area. I’m gonna race Delores to the prune aisle.

I can’t even tell who some of my blog readers are coming from now. Not that I get a million readers a day but who do I know in Salt Lake City? Thanks for visiting nonetheless!

Ok, it’s getting cold and I want to slip underneath my duvet.


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