I’m lucky to live in an apartment that has floor to ceiling windows. The windows give me a great view of the city but it also gives the apartments across from me a great view of my living room. When I first moved in, I kept my blinds closed during the evenings because I felt like I was on display. As I got settled, I wanted to see the view during the evenings and I got lazy so the blinds stayed open.

Laziness also keeps a lot of my clean clothes in the dryer after I’ve done my laundry. I can’t be bothered to put it back into my dresser or a basket. This means that after I shower, I have to go get clean underwear directly from the dryer. The dryer is also in full view of my living room windows. I shower in the evening, so for several seconds every night, I expose my pudgy bare ass to anyone looking at my apartment as I look for clean ginch. I suppose I could get the underwear before I shower and bring it into the bathroom with me but that smacks of extra effort.

I generally don’t lounge around naked in my apartment at any other time. No one wants to see a naked dude doing chores or washing dishes in his apartment. I wonder if anyone has seen me in that short window of opportunity (no pun intended) where I am naked.

2 thoughts on “ON BEING NAKED”

  1. Nope, I live amongst prudes. The closest thing to naked I saw was that girl in a t-shirt and a thong.

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