On Tuesday evening, I was at a social function where I met a group of people I didn’t know. As I was making small talk with a young lady, she mentioned she used to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers. They were the company that Black Box shared the building with when EA still had a downtown Vancouver presence at 250 Howe Street. I told her that I worked for EA in the same building and that we were probably were there at the same time.

She then mentioned how easy it was for her to figure out who worked for EA when everyone piled into the elevators to go up to the various floors. While her co-workers were in business attire, us EA slobs were in t-shirts and jeans. She then said that some EA dude actually wore slippers around the office building. That was me I said to her. I was the only guy I knew who wore slippers around the studio and I used to wear them in the elevator when I went between the 12th and 19th floors. Here’s a picture of me wearing my slippers.

I miss those days and being that guy.

2 thoughts on “I WAS THAT GUY”

  1. Sounds kind of like the plot of an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Suggestion for next episode, a strong B story for NPH.

    Side note, I am going to take your advice and see the new H&K movie this weekend. As you can imagine, the wife is out of town.

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