Several weeks ago I was home on a Saturday night. As the late evening blended into early Sunday morning, 2am fast approached. I had my patio door open as the weather was still pleasant. As I sat in front of my computer doing non-porn tasks, I heard the distinctive sound of a jack hammer. I had to listen intently for a few seconds because it was one of those sounds you just don’t expect to hear at 2am on a Sunday morning. I stepped onto my balcony to investigate.

There was no mistaking the sound for anything else. Unfortunately, I couldn’t place where it was coming from. It was close enough to hear but too far away to properly hear where it was originating from. Now there were previous instances of some overnight construction going on at the retail complex underneath my apartment. These instances, however, were announced well in advance and notices were plastered everywhere in the lobby and elevators. For this weekend, no such notices were present.

Since I couldn’t discern where the noise was coming from, I stepped back inside from my balcony and went about my business. For about half an hour the sound of a jack hammer echoed through the otherwise quiet night. Then it suddenly stopped. Curious, I went back onto my balcony. I looked down to the street level and I saw two police vehicles below me. One of the vehicles was moving very slowly down my block. The other car was pulled over to the side, talking to the security guard for my building. Once their conversation ended, the second vehicle also began a slow roll down my block.

For the next ten minutes, I watched both police cars drive very slowly as they made circles around my building, going a block further out each time. Sometimes they’d come to a complete stop for a few seconds and then continue on. I don’t think they ever found what they were looking for as they just took off after a while.

I never did find out where the jack hammer sound was coming from. It’s times like this where I feel like I should add some embellishment to my blog but I’m not even certain what fictional end to this post would be entertaining enough. It turned out the jack hammer was coming from inside the house! It’s just one of those stories that may never get closure.

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