I just wanna give a shout out to two readers from Vancouver and Maryland who’ve been using Google to search this blog. I’m not sure exactly who you are but I have some theories. Anyways, hello to the both of you!

Earlier this week, I mentioned I was feeling like I was going to get sick with a cold. That has indeed happened. It’s not a terrible cold but my sinuses are a bit stuffy and my throat is a bit scratchy still. I hope a cough doesn’t develop, that would be very, very bad. Any cough that I have lingers with me for weeks.

While I’ve been writing this post, I’ve also been listening to the fire/rescue online scanner for Vancouver. I missed some details but emergency rescue personnel are on scene at either a creek or beach where a 50 year old man has been pulled from the water with hypothermia. He’s alive and conscious but they need to get this guy warmed up. I believe there’s some environmental challenges which are preventing the paramedics from getting to him. It sounds like firefighters are with the victim and they want to put him in a basket and haul him out of where ever he is. Oh man, am I turning into one of those guys that go to their basements and listens to emergency radio scanners for entertainment? Oh there’s an update, I think the incident is at Lynn Canyon because someone just mentioned Lions Gate hospital.

Ok, I need to go to bed.

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