So a few weeks ago I was at a Real Canadian Superstore to buy some groceries. This one had a particularly excellent housewares department. I was browsing their selection of small appliances when I happened upon their deep fryers. Their most simplest and basic fryer was about $20, a real good value. A more expensive fryer with a stainless steel finish and digital controls was still only around $40. I was thinking this might be an interesting item to add to my set of kitchen appliances. I could deep fry chicken wings, french fries, onion rings, and even that weird county fair stuff like deep fried Oreos and butter. I wouldn’t have to go out for chicken wings as much as I could make them more economically at home.

As I pondered the deep fried food options that would opened up to me, common sense kicked in. Buying an appliance, that if used, would guarantee an increase in my deep fried food consumption is not a good decision in terms of my overall health. At the moment, if I’m sitting at home and I crave french fries or fried chicken, I gotta get off my ass and go to a place that makes that stuff and buy it. My lazy butt is currently helping me be more healthy. If I get a deep fryer, what’s to prevent me from making a week’s worth of fried chicken in one weekend and eating it over the course of the entire week? What if I start doing experiments? I’ve always wondered how deep fried battered bacon strips would taste. Right now, it’s just something I’m mentally picturing. If I had a deep fryer, I’d probably try to make that one night. I can just see my stupid fool ass battering up strips of bacon and dipping them into that golden liquid of joy.

I quickly was jolted back into reality at the store and I decided there would be no deep fryer for me… at least for now. They also had slow cookers, maybe that’s what I should be looking into instead.

2 thoughts on “PROBABLY NOT A GOOD IDEA”

  1. Deep-fried bacon is actually quite tasty. J and I were in Portland where that particular item was on the menu. They called them bacon fries. We have craved them ever since!

  2. See, I really wish I hadn’t read that. Before I just imagined that deep fried bacon was incredibly tasty, now you just confirmed it.

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