I just wanted to share a little bit of wisdom/advice/suggestion to you, my loyal readers. I admit I cannot take credit for this useful nugget of information as it was told to me by a friend. Nonetheless, I believe it’s worth sharing.

Are you ever late for something? A job? A date? Meeting someone? An interview? This is one way to explain your tardiness or absence without getting into any trouble or having to explain yourself further. If someone challenges you as to why you were missing or late, just say:

Oh sorry, I had diarrhea.

According to my friend, this usually ends the conversation and the person who is questioning you will almost never continue to probe any deeper. I myself have not used this tactic but I’ve sure come close several times. It’s a bold strategy and you want to make sure you’re ready to go through with it. When you say it, you can’t be embarrassed or shy about it. Just state it as plainly as you can, as if you were gone because of a doctor’s appointment.

If you happen do actually try this sometime, let me know how it goes.

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