I’ve written in previous posts that I don’t dream very often or if I do, I can never remember the contents of the dream. Last week, not only did I have two separate dreams in one night, I also remembered both of them.

I don’t remember every exact detail about my first dream but I do remember the main detail of it. It was a fairly normal dream in that I was in the “real world” except that at one point, I made the shocking discovery that my apartment contained bed bugs. I suppose after having written a multi-post series about my own real battle with bed bugs, this wasn’t a surprise thing to dream about. In my dream, I can vividly recall discovering those oval, mahogany coloured bastards on some of my possessions. It seemed so real but then I woke up to a darkened room and I was in my bed. I was so relieved that it was a dream and that I didn’t have to deal with bed bugs again. Knock on bed bug free wood.

As the relief washed over me, I gently put my head back on my pillow and closed my eyes so that sweet, restful sleep could come to me again. I did not know at the time that I was going to dream again before the morning arrived. In my second dream, the world was a bit more surreal. I found myself in an apartment that had many levels but each level was quite small in comparison. I suppose it was a very tall apartment with a small footprint. For some reason my sister was there with me on the same level that I was on. I noticed that door to the outside was unlocked. I went over to the door to lock the deadbolt. As I locked the door, I noticed a shadow pass behind the peephole. I thought, man good thing I locked the door, it seems like someone is right behind the door. As soon as I finished that thought, the whole door appeared to move inwards as if it hadn’t been locked nor even connected on its hinges. It was coming straight back at me. I panicked as I didn’t know who was behind the door nor how the door was logically moving like that. I didn’t have time to think about it some more as I immediately awoke. It took me a second to realize I was again in my bed, safe and warn.

I went back to sleep again and that was thankfully the last dream of the night. I’m hesitant to call them nightmares because it wasn’t all that frightening just a bit exciting. And that’s how babies are made.

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