I spent a portion of my late afternoon putting together a bookcase that I bought from Ikea yesterday. I actually had to buy a rubber mallet to assist me in putting all the pieces together. The instructions showed a picture of a regular hammer (shaped like a hammer for nails) but had I used one of those, I would have definitely dented major portions of the bookcase. I’m quite fond of my rubber mallet. You can strike things without leaving a mark or dent.

Anyways, after finishing construction of my bookcase, I took a breather and enjoyed a well-chilled soft drink. It was then I noticed my throat was a bit scratchy. I thought maybe I had breathed in some dust from the furniture box. I then spent the next little while watching the hockey game out of Columbus. When the game was over, I realized my scratch throat was now becoming a sore throat, one that usually is a prelude to a cold.

I currently feel fine otherwise but my throat is definitely indicating that a cold is probably on its way. I think I’ve only had two colds this entire year. That’s a pretty good year for me. There is a slight chance that I won’t get any more sick than this but the odds aren’t in my favour. I’m gonna get some sleep and see how I feel in the morning.

By the way, I love referring to myself as “Daddy” when I get sick because I know Sarah from Australia enjoys it when I do that.

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