The date this Sunday will be September 11, 2011 and as many of you know, it will mark the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the US. That date has cemented itself in the history books as being significant. Long before that day, a decade ago, September 11th was always an important date to me, all my life. September 11 was the day my parents were married. As a kid, the second week of September went like clock-work: start school and then go out to dinner for my parents’ wedding anniversary. I admit, there were a few years during university that I forgot but I am sure my parents appreciated having dinner by themselves a few times.  Now that I’m a grown-up (sorta) I make it a requirement that I pay for their dinner every year. In fact, I remember their anniversary dinner ten years ago this Sunday. We went to dinner at a restaurant that’s been now torn down for new apartments but back then we had lobster; it was delicious. We’re going out for dinner this Sunday as my mother made the reservations tonight.

Though on Sunday, one news story will dominate the head lines, it’s interesting to note that many different things that happen on any given day. As I’ve noted, my parents got married on an 11th day of September but so did many other people across the globe. Thousands of people were born on a September 11th, in fact, there are many children who will turn ten years on Sunday. There are any number of milestones that will be marked on Sunday, some sad and obviously some happy.

Thanks Mom and Dad for staying together all these years and producing myself and my sister!

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