I know I’m getting old but the reminders that’s happening never seem to stop. For the last three days, I’ve stepped into the shower and then realized I’m down to my last bit of body wash. I totally forget this when I’m out and about, say next to a drug store. Tonight, I showered with barely a drop of body wash on my poof. Yeah, I shower with a poof and I do it at night. Most of my readers know that. I’d say the odds are 50-50 that I’ll remember to buy more body wash tomorrow.

I frequently eat after midnight. I know people say that’s not good for you but I can’t help it. I’m trying to eat healthier though. This evening, I hate a plate of roasted broccoli and cauliflower past 12am. It was not bad and I know it was good for me. I did not cover them vegetables in Velveeta either. I wonder if my eating habits would be the same if I lived next to a Wendy’s that’s open until 2am.

The new Winnipeg Jets played their first pre-season game tonight. The hometown fans at the MTS Centre welcomed the second incarnation of the Jets with a three minute standing ovation, some of which you can view here. I don’t think any crowd had been that excited for a pre-season game in decades. I only hope the Jets can give their fans a decent season.

If you have five extra minutes in the day, you might want to waste them at this web site. For the record, the key that I drew was terrible but my sword looked awesome.

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  1. I was at the game Tuesday night at the MTS Centre. It was insane. You would have thought it was a playoff game. I’ve got tickets to about 15 games this year, its going to be great.

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